All Youth Syeds Network (AYSN)

All Young Syeds Network is non-profitable and for the awareness in youth and for career counselling.

What we do

This page is for all the Syeds and Syedas to join, and become one big family. We are all one. This page share with you the


  • Information regarding Jobs,
  • Scholarships,
  • Meetings,
  • events,

 and information about Syeds in Pakistan. Position Status where our Syeds are posted & how to reach at them. We are trying to gather all at one plat form.

What you can do here:

Sharing of jobs, scholarships or any informative information (Education,Health, Technology and etc)

Banned /Don't discuss at here

·         The discussion about Shia/Sunni is banned at here.

·         Personal Messaging to any member specially girls.

·         Personal attack/teas any member / Political group.

Our Aims/Mission :


  • ·         Career Counceling,
  • ·         Scholarships for students
  • ·         Support in Job hunting
  • ·         Making a Tree
  • ·         To know each other
  • ·         Promote the Cultural activities
  • ·         SMS Service for Career Counciling & Jobs sharing.
  • ·         Try to solve marriage problems
  • ·         Helping in Social Issues of All Syeds
  • ·         Its a friendly site where u can express yourself freely.



The faith is our uniqueness, Bravery is our identity Truth is our thought, Freedom is in our blood We the followers of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his descedents, We the sons of Bano Hashim, the soldiers of Makkah, persuaders of Allah We stand with the Truth Faith n Patience

INVITE UR SYED FRIENDS & become a member. Click on register and register your self. 


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