All Youth Syeds Network (AYSN)

All Young Syeds Network is non-profitable and for the awareness in youth and for career counselling.

Who we are?

All Youth Syeds Network is a platform for youth Sayeds who can share and career counselling of other Syeds brothers & sisters. To develop or to growth each other while using different channels 


In this connection we (AYSN) are already at almost all social networking sites for career counsellingand sharing with all

We already started SMS service since July 2011 and sending free SMS alerts to more than 200 SADATs for vacant position in various departments, organizations, firms, NGOs in Pakistan and out side the Pakistan and trying to adjust them in different firms/companies.


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For SMS service we need more coordination from All Sayeds & Sayedas. Please come and Join us 

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Twitter: @AllSayeds


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